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Message size limit and MIME encoding
~Martha Ekhipitheroden 01/18/2004 02:11 PM
Domino Server All Releases Windows 2000

We have had an 8mb size limit set in our server configuation docs since the feature has been available.

Since upgrading to ND6, we have noticed a problem. The router is honoring the 8mb (8192 kbytes) limit BEFORE the MIME to CD conversion. This is not the way it worked in R5.

The problem this causes is that raw MIME encoded messages that exceed 8192 kbytes are almost ALWAYS less than 8mb when passed thru the CD conversion.

We could, of course, up the limit, but that limit is not just in place for messages coming in from the outside. It's also there to prevent people on the inside from passing the large attachments.

Any ideas on how best to resolve this dilema?


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